Experto Crede

Experto Crede Consultancy (ECC) is 100% Canadian owned and operated company; an expert in doing business in FSU (Former Soviet Union), Central Asia and Mongolia.

The company’s name is derived from the Latin motto “Experto Crede”, which means, “Believe one who has experience” or “Trust the successful”.

As our name implies, at ECC we help our clients set the direction to reach their goals. As experts in the region, we align our clients' business processes and operations to enable access to the right stakeholders at the right time, empowering clients to achieve their desired business results and create enterprise value.

We believe our Founder's experiences in the success of companies he has worked with speaks to the quality of the services you can expect from us:

  • Centerra Gold Inc.
  • Centerra Gold Mongolia
  • Cameco Gold Inc.
  • Cameco Corp.
  • Boroo Gold Company
  • Kumtor Operating Company

ECC is the partner of choice for clients who want innovative ways to interact with governments in FSU, Central Asia and Mongolia. We deal with the needs of our customers in executive management services and business efficiency expertise.